Realistic 3D modelled cocktail with fruit

Morning cocktail — this refreshing image was produced with Cinema 4D and the Redshift renderer to explore refractive materials, condensation maps, and HDRI lighting.

Cinema 4D Redshift

Colourful 3D modelled ropes in a tangled mess

Fun with noodles — this messy plate of colour was made to explore the new rope dynamics in Cinema 4D. Beyond a chance to explore the new dynamics engine, it was also a great way to play with a few materials.

Cinema 4D Redshift Dynamics

Rainy days — these two small animations were created for practice with motion design and keyframe easing techniques. The walking effect was produced using an AE plugin called RubberHose.

Illustrator After Effects RubberHose

An abstract composition of 3D modelled sponge material with silver accents

Foam delight — this delicious image was produced with Cinema 4D and the Redshift renderer. The foam material was created with technique that combines geometry displacement with a very small noise pattern to produce the spongy texture.

Cinema 4D Redshift

Row of 4 colourful patterns with circles, squares, and flow field lines
Row of 4 colourful patterns with circles, squares, and flow field lines

Recursion & noise — these sketches coded in Processing use polar grids, recursions / loops, and noise with simple shapes to generate lively patterns.

Processing Photoshop

An abstract image of a twisting ribbon with a gradient material

Gradient ribbon — this image explores the possibilities of turbulence forces on an extruded spline. Many beautiful renderings were generated from this scene file, but we like this one the best.

Cinema 4D Redshift

Walking cubes — this simple scene brings rigid cubes to life with a special technique that allows them to “walk” on the floor. It was generated procedurally without the use of individual keyframes or manual animation.

Cinema 4D Redshift XPresso

Abstract graphic compositions showing inflated and deflated objects

Links & lollipops — these compositions were produced while exploring the new cloth simulation dynamics in Cinema 4D. This technique can produce object geometry that would be almost impossible to create manually.

Cinema 4D Redshift Dynamics

Community churn — this basic demo is an exploration of hard body dynamics and other forces. Setting the scene with interesting motion typically happens before any work goes into lighting and materials.

Cinema 4D Dynamics

Sunshine flow — flow fields are beautiful enough on their own, but adding some rotation to the mix creates a stunning effect in motion design.

Generative SVG Illustrator After Effects

Terrazzo rat race — this piece was a great chance to explore texture-driven reflection roughness and dappled scene lighting.

Cinema 4D Redshift Dynamics

Collage of 4 greyscale linear graphics with circles, points, and lines

Void draw — these sketches coded in Processing explore parametric equations over time to create simple, dynamic graphics.

Processing Photoshop

A stone sculpture of an ancient Greek man’s face covered in shiny green gem-like mold

Like tears in rain — this Cinema 4D scene combines vertex mapping with matrix objects and juxtaposing materials to put digital mold on an otherwise ancient statue.

Cinema 4D Redshift

Data stacks — this was an animated exercise to practice a complicated interplay of object positions and keyframes. Glossy materials reflect the busy environment in a scene that took far too long to render.

Cinema 4D Redshift

A plotted math expression that has been modified with bright colours

Glitch math — this image uses an equation plotted from a graphing calculator as a starting point. The glitched out limitations of the calculator software really help highlight the beauty in math expressions.

Graphing Calculator Illustrator Photoshop

Kinetic type — this exploration was created to practice the use of AE effects & presets along with distortions to create a total vibe out of a single tile of text.

Illustrator After Effects

A 3D modelled scene of realistic colourful ceramic objects

Sake, soup, or tea? — this charming 3D scene uses spline lathes to produce the object geometry and an array of techniques to generate speckled ceramic materials. Combined with dappled lighting, it almost passes for real life.

Cinema 4D Redshift