Studio Function is Vivian Hui, Frank Maidens & Ryan McLaren

Our studio enhances the credibility of growing companies with outstanding visual design services.

We are a small, senior team focused on branding and contemporary web solutions for clients of all sizes.

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Frank Maidens, Vivian Hui, Ryan McLaren

Design for love

Function is a Toronto-based design studio focused on the propagation of meaningful solutions to a variety of communication design challenges.

Brand definition, visual identity, messaging strategy, contemporary web solutions, and digital product design are all passions. We understand and respond to the ever-changing nature of the design landscape to create real value for our clients. In short, we design for business, we design for love.

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Transforming hospital care

Clinical AI company Signal 1 was formed out of a partnership between Unity Health Toronto & Layer 6. Recently deployed at Kitchener-Waterloo’s Grand River Hospital, their end-to-end AI service helps clinical staff provide more timely, more personalized, and more consistent care to save lives. Learn more about Frank and Vivian’s small role in Signal 1’s launch.

We love collaborating with passionate entrepreneurs, growth stage startups, and established businesses to create or re-energize brand identities. Our team moves quickly and offers valuable insights from an external perspective. Email us and let’s get started.


Custom 3d modelled asset for Atrium

Building better leaders

Launched in 2024, Atrium is a leadership development platform that helps companies learn faster and grow better. Their hyper-personalized programs provide leaders with access to 1‑on‑1 advice from an exclusive network of industry experts.

Frank and Vivian are proud to have generated the business naming, visual identity design, upcoming website, and a suite of custom 3D renderings for Atrium.

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From the sketchbook

Foam delight: micro pattern displacement & subsurface scattering in Cinema 4D
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Walking cubes: lifelike motion procedurally generated in Cinema 4D with XPresso
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Sunshine flow: generative flow field animated with After Effects
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